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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2019 Written Update – Sunil is threatened by Arijit

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2019

Here are the written update for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Tuesday 15th October, 2019. The episode starts with Arijit reading the letter and shouting Bhuvan, how dare you blackmail me. He calls Bhuvan. He says I did not leave you, I will give you money, okay, I will call you. He takes the gun with him. He burns pix. Sunil left from there. Everyone looks happy in Bhalla’s house. The peon finds a file and says that Shweta has sent. Raman says we have to fill the tender now, era you will handle it. Karan smiles. Raman says you are the CEO, learn to take responsibility. Yuga says Ruhi and I will do so. Raman says no, Ruhi did not help you. Ishita says that you have to do this alone. Yuga asks what will happen if I make a mistake. Raman says that the person learns from mistakes.

Ruhi says that yuga you can easily do this. The era goes on. Alia thanks Raman for trusting Yuga. Raman says I am Just showing my children the right direction. Yuga asks Raman to do a tender check once. Raman says that there is no need for investigation. Yuga says I was thinking to submit it. Raman says good, change clothes and go. Yug says, I am making mistakes, I should take Ruhi to office. Raman tells him not to worry. The era changes. Ishita says that she wishes her good luck. Arijit asks Bhuvan how can you blackmail me. He shoots a gun at her. Bhuvan says no, I have come at your invitation. Arijit scolds her. Bhuvan says that I work for money, but trust me, I have not blackmailed you, I have done a lot for you. Arijit then asks who is doing this. Sunil comes clapping. He says what is Jodie, so you were blackmailing me. Aaliya waits for Yuga’s call Mihika teases him.

Neeti’s doctor calls Ishita. She asks if you have got her information. He says no, Neeti needs medical attention, I think she is admitted to another hospital. He thanks her. Yug comes home. Raman asks what happened. Yuga says that I have submitted the tender. Raman and everyone smile. Roohi says go and bring pudding for yuga. Yuga says that we will come to know tomorrow whether we have got this contract or not. Raman says you will get it, I am proud of you. Ishita tells him about Neeti. Karan says I have a solution, I will call my manager, he will find out. Raman says that we will come to know about Neeti now. Arijit asks what are you doing here. Sunil says that both of you fooled me and Natasha, I sent these letters, I am blackmailing you, I have seen you with that girl. Sunil says you have done me a lot for my selfishness, I know you were blackmailing me by that video, you did not help me, your game is over now.

Arijit shoots a gun at her and threatens her. Sunil asks if I can send pics to Bhalla’s house, if I don’t call the courier in 10 minutes, the pics will be delivered to Bhalla’s house. He asks her to listen. He calls the boy and says wait 5 meters, otherwise send the package. Arijit asks what do you want. Sunil says 10 lakh cash, Natasha should be out of jail, just remove the video, Arijit says that you are demanding too much. Sunil says that the election is yours. Bhuvan says we will agree, stop that. Arijit called and said get ready for Natasha’s bail. He tells Sunil to come home and collect the money. Shouted Arijit.

Everybody is leaving. Raman tells Ishita to come, the manager will call them if he finds anything. She asks Karan to call her manager. Karan calls and says no, he finds nothing. Ishita says that it is dangerous for Neeti, she needs medical attention. Raman asks her to come just, otherwise everyone will come to call them. They go out and see Natasha coming. Natasha flirts with Raman. Ishita asks how did you get bail, stay away from my husband. Natasha says to ask Shardul first. She says that no one can separate us. She goes. Ruhi says that perhaps he bribed the police for free. Karan says that we will arrest him. Yuga and everyone come back and ask. Aaliya asks what happened. Ishita promises to save the family and Raman from this evil.



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