Home Entertainment “Wouldn’t get me off”: Oli about Laura’s Playboy pics

“Wouldn’t get me off”: Oli about Laura’s Playboy pics

“Wouldn’t get me off”: Oli about Laura’s Playboy pics

Oliver Pocher (42) can not stop the prick! Months ago the comedian started a parody series on Michael Wendler (47) and his girlfriend Laura Müller (19). After countless quarrels, Pocher and his two victims are now even working together more often – for example in TV shows. There is even talk of Amira Pocher (27) ‘s husband becoming Bald Bride’ s best man. But even with so much harmony, Oli can’t resist a few swipes: He is currently making the Playboy recordings of the 19-year-olds again!

In January 2020, the hot recordings of the ex-Let’s Dance participant appeared in the men’s magazine – and caused a stir. At that time, too, Oli teased the reality TV popularity. Now Pocher himself is in the new with an interview playboy-Heft represented – and takes the Laura edition again with the usual quick-witted sayings to the chest: “I looked at them for research purposes. Well, I wouldn’t get them down for this, but they are aesthetic images”, he jokes – and adds piquantly: “Better than the Janine Pink edition afterwards.”

When the fourfold dad reports in the interview how much work is behind his successful career, Laura gets her fat off again: “Hard work and tenacity are part of it, especially for me. And talent, of course, should also be part of a television career. Of course there are also Laura Müller and a few others, but they can stand up for him playboy move out.”

Laura Müller in September 2019

Instagram / lauramuellerofficial

Laura Müller in September 2019
Oliver Pocher at

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Oliver Pocher at “5 gegen Jauch”
Laura Müller in May 2019

Instagram / wendler.michael

Laura Müller in May 2019

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