Home Entertainment “Won more than the cup”: Christina Luft on Luca Hänni

“Won more than the cup”: Christina Luft on Luca Hänni

“Won more than the cup”: Christina Luft on Luca Hänni

Victory is not everything! This year’s “Dancing Stars” were awarded at Let’s Dance on Friday evening: Lili Paul-Roncalli (22) and professional partner Massimo Sinató (39) were allowed to bag the coveted trophy. The dance couples Moritz Hans with Renata Lusin (32) as well as Luca Hänni (25) and Christina Luft (30) went away empty-handed. After small mistakes and corresponding deductions in the jury classification, the latter could not have won even with the most votes from the audience – and were “only” third. For professional dancers Christina but no problem: She took a lot more than just a title from the show.

Even if it was a shame that the dance couple could not get the performances over the stage at the crucial moments, the 30-year-old was proud of the performance of her protégé. It is completely normal for the nerves to fail in the final. “I respect all the more Luca for getting up and having a brilliant ending. You have a lion heart and I celebrated you for it, “she writes down Instagram to a photo of the two. “That’s why we’re happy and both won a lot more than a trophy!”

In the posting, the brunette also congratulates her colleague Massimo on the victory. “I don’t treat anyone on the planet more than you! You are a great inspiration and a kind of big brother for me! Finally you have your well-deserved crown”, she writes and shares a photo with the dance coach and the trophy.


Instagram / christinaluft

The “Let’s Dance” stars Christina Luft and Luca Hänni
Luca Hänni and Christina Luft,

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Luca Hänni and Christina Luft, “Let’s Dance” couple 2020
Christina Luft and Massimo Sinató

Instagram / christinaluft

Christina Luft and Massimo Sinató

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