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Twitch Prime by Amazon keeps its customers hitched

Twitch Prime by Amazon keeps its customers hitched

Twitch Prime by Amazon keeps altering the benefits of is package for its customers by adding games without charging any price or steams the games without any ad to distract. According to the latest news, Amazon is to team up Nintendo to provide 12 months free Switch to Online service with the conventional package.

The Nintendo Services which would have cost the gamer 19.99 dollars a month is being provided free by Amazon Twitch Prime. This is definitely a very well planned strategy by Amazon to keep the gamers of the world within walking distance.

The free subscribing process is divided into two steps: first is the Twitch Prime users have to register for the three months trial pack and just after 60 days have completed, customers have to come back to get the nine months pack. According to the deduction done by the experts in the gaming world, this step was taken for the customers to stop from signing up for just a month, claiming the entire year’s free trial and then bail later on. This subscription deal is not only limited to the newly joining users but also to the ones who are already the part of Twitch Prime family; the extra service packs will be added to the customer’s already subscribed package.

Considering the fact that Twitch Prime is already a part of Amazon Prime, the already existing subscribers of Amazon Prime who might be paying 12.99 dollars a month or 119 dollars on yearly basis can easily use the Switch Online service of Twitch Prime without paying any extra money. But for the new login IDs, you need to pay an advance of two months for Twitch Prime services as in to benefit from the one year free trial of the Nintendo games. While this will be no big deal for the game lovers, Amazon is putting up a mind-blowing strategy to hitch its customers to use Twitch Prime not just for a year but also for an additional two months.

Now talking about the Switch online services, it will offer in numerous benefits to the gamers who are going to subscribe for Twitch Prime services that include certain amazing abilities like –you can play the games online, save them on cloud memory, and have access to all the NES games and Tetris 99 too.

The Twitch Prime subscribers have time until September 28th, 2019 to redeem their 3 months trial pack and the deadline for the 9 months stands until 28th January 2020.


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