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This is how Shirin David worked her way up to become a millionaire!


Wow! Shirin David (25) founded her YouTube channel only six years ago and since then it has been a steep climb for the daughter of a single mother. The net star started his career with make-up tips and comedy videos and has now established himself as a successful rapper. For her work, the native of Hamburg is not only showered with prices, but also apparently with money. At just 25, she is already a millionaire.

Opposite the business magazine Capital she admitted that she had earned “stupid and stupid” from the start. “There were very few YouTubers, and the companies rewarded our work very generously”, disclosed Shirin. In addition to her profits on the video platform, she can also look forward to income from the music streaming service Spotify. “Give Him” ‚Äč‚Äčalone, just one of her hit songs, was called up 69 million times in a year and brought her 414,000 euros. The Fortune magazine estimates that the Berlin resident owns a whopping four million euros.

Your capital will skyrocket even further since Shirin Got a lucrative advertising deal in 2020. The musician is the German face for the “superstar campaign” of the sports giant Adidas. The fee for this mega job is secret, but industry experts assume a double-digit million range!

Shirin David, net star
Shirin David in Berlin in May 2020
Shirin David in April 2020

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