Home Entertainment Stefan Raab produces new show: “The Voice” vice versa!

Stefan Raab produces new show: “The Voice” vice versa!

Stefan Raab produces new show: “The Voice” vice versa!

Music show fans can look forward to a brand new format! In 2011, the very first season of The Voice of Germany flickered on the screens and since then – including some offshoots – has been an integral part of the TV landscape. The show lives above all from the so-called blind auditions: the coaches choose their talents based solely on their singing, appearance and performance play no role here at first. Now TV legend Stefan Raab (53) has come up with something special: he simply reversed the concept of “The Voice” for a new show!

In a press release, the broadcaster announced ProSieben now known: “In the new ProSieben show ‘FameMaker‘you have to hear with your eyes. In the new music show, the candidates sing and perform under a soundproof glass dome. “ The jury for the first season – this one FameMakers will be called – are the comedian Carolin Kebekus (40), the moderator Luke Mockridge (31) and the actor Teddy Teclebrhan. “For the final, the FameMaker staging a performance with his candidate and producing a song that gets the best out of the talent – no matter how well he can sing, “the statement continues.

Raab is extremely proud of his idea: “Success does not arise on the vocal cords, success arises in the head. If this show had existed in 1992, I would have taken part immediately. Because I have never been able to sing well. Apply now!”, he encourages participation. The entertainer himself will not be seen in “FameMaker”, but will work as a producer in the background, like DWDL reported. His production company Raab TV will produce the new show in collaboration with Brainpool in the summer.

Carolin Kebekus, comedienne
Luke Mockridge in Bochum in December 2019
Stefan Raab in September 2017

Petra Schönberger / Future Image / ActionPress

Stefan Raab in September 2017

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