Home Entertainment Sonakshi Sinha’s alleged love affairs, read details – read latest bollywood news

Sonakshi Sinha’s alleged love affairs, read details – read latest bollywood news

Sonakshi Sinha’s alleged love affairs, read details – read latest bollywood news

Bollywood News: Bollywood’s powerful actress Sonakshi Sinha is celebrating her 33rd birthday today. During her 10-year acting career, Sonakshi Sinha has given many such films, for which she has been highly praised and many times she has also been criticized by the critics. Sonakshi Sinha’s name has been associated with many people in a decade long career and the actress has answered questions related to personal life in her own style. Let’s look at Sonakshi Sinha’s birthday, on the stories related to her link-ups … Also Read – Sonakshi Sinha Birthday Special: Papa Shatrughan Sinha’s favorite ‘Dabangg’ girl Sonakshi Sinha, see actress’ childhood unseen photos

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The news of the linkup of Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha was revealed in the year 2015. This year ‘Tevar’ was released. There were reports that Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha had dated for a few days, but this relationship did not last long. During the promotion of the film ‘Half Girlfriend’, Arjun Kapoor spoke openly about Sonakshi Sinha in an interview. Arjun Kapoor said in this interview that, ‘Some things don’t last long … People go their way after doing movies. I still like him as a human being. It is often said that we do not recognize each other in parties, whereas this is not so. We always meet each other. I have seen the trailer of ‘Noor’. I think he is doing very well in his career.

Zaheer iqbal

Zaheer Iqbal is the son of a special friend of Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Last year, Zaheer Iqbal had entered the film world through the film Notebook. Sonakshi Sinha’s name is also closely associated with Zaheer Iqbal. Zaheer and Sonakshi had reported the news of these linkups as just a rumor.

Bunty Sachdeva

Bunty Sachdeva is the brother-in-law of Sohail Khan. The news of Bunty Sachdeva and Sonakshi Sinha’s linkup has always surfaced. In 2016, news of Bunty Sachdeva and Sonakshi Sinha’s marriage was revealed. After this, news of their breakup was also coming out. In many media reports, it was also being claimed that Sonakshi Sinha is ready to give this relationship a second chance. In the year 2018, Filmfare quoted sources as saying that the paths of Bunty and Sonakshi Sinha are now separated.

Shahid Kapoor

Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor were seen opposite each other in the 2013 film ‘R Rajkumar’. The linkup of Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor was reported since this film. Regarding this linkup during an interview, Sonakshi had said, ‘If people don’t have much things to talk about, they say anything. People create similar rumors when two single people work together. I have no problem with this. Shahid and I are very good friends. ‘

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