Home Entertainment Reinhard Mey speaks openly about the death of his son († 32)

Reinhard Mey speaks openly about the death of his son († 32)


Reinhard Mey (77) remembers his severe stroke of fate: in 2014 the singer and his wife Hella had to say goodbye to their only 32-year-old son Maximilian. He died after being in the coma for about five years. The reason for this was a delayed pneumonia and cardiac arrhythmia. Six years later, the “Above the Clouds” interpreter now speaks openly about the serious loss.

Opposite the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) the 77-year-old said that he would only squeeze his son if he had the opportunity to spend another half an hour with him. “The pain of loss will always be there”the musician explained. But the beautiful memories of Maximilian, such as his laugh, his picture or the thought of him, would not go away. “His laugh is our laugh too,” added Reinhard added.

The musician tried to process his pain about Maximilian’s illness with the song “Then take care” published in 2013. ” Since the death of his son Reinhard withholding more accurate information about the 32 year old.

Reinhard Mey in March 2013 in Berlin
Reinhard Mey in April 2016 in Bremen
Reinhard Mey in May 2013 in Bremen

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