Home Entertainment Recognized? Here Carmen Geiss runs with daughters through Venice

Recognized? Here Carmen Geiss runs with daughters through Venice


“Bella Italia” is the name of the Geissens! The popular family around cult entrepreneur Robert Geiss (56) gave television Germany particularly funny TV moments with the show Die Geissens. Money shortages are apparently a foreign word for the luxury-spoiled gang. Now Robert, Carmen (55), Davina (17) and Shania (15) sighted on a walk through Venice – and they got there exclusively on a yacht!

The celebrity parents strolled through the historic city with their two girls in casual, stylish outfits that even harmonized with the face masks. Italy had recently reopened its national borders to holidaymakers under certain conditions – this was not missed by TV celebrities and spontaneously set off on a short trip. Above all, it had to Robert first get used to the new cityscape that tourists are reluctant to return to. “Sunday evening and I have St. Mark’s Square almost to myself. Usually there are millions of tourists here, now yawning emptiness”said the 56-year-old Instagram.

The glamorous troop came to the lagoon city on a yacht and was then brought into the country by boat. Spoke here Carmen then into a camera. Can fans look forward to new episodes of the TV show on the crazy jet set life of the native of Cologne? It looks quite like this! “Was the TV team there too?” Asked a user Instagram. “Yes, we’re shooting again!”, confirmed the 55-year-old.

Robert and Carmen Geiss with their daughters Shania and Davina in Venice in 2020
Robert and Carmen Geiss with their daughter Davina Shakira on a boat in 2020
Carmen Geiss with Robert and daughter Davina Shakira in Venice on a boat in 2020

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