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Burns & Wilcox finally form an exclusive partnership with cyber-security firm Breach Aware

Burns and Wilcox have finally come up with a very exclusive partnership between them and a cybersecurity company called Breach Aware, which is based in London. This cybersecurity company specializes in all kinds of data breach and data analysis. This company is basically working on proprietary risk mitigation tool. This tool is basically to help users to identify all the assets which have been compromised, such as passwords and email address.

This Breach Aware platform will be one of the most favorite cyber insurance clients for Burns and Wilcox because a lot of their customers will be able to rely on it. The major business concern right now is cyber threats and people have been worried about it a lot.

The partnership between Burns and Wilcox and Breach Aware has been made so that they are sure about the cybersecurity and the monitoring services. Brokers will now be able to offer their clients a lot of security and clients will also be very much relieved.

The whole team of both the companies knows the importance of cybersecurity and right now they are working very hard to cyber secure the insurance industry. The risk management system can also be controlled and the program which has been designed by both the companies is absolutely fit and it perfectly complements all the services that are offered with the help of the company parent Burns and Wilcox.

Amit Iyer shares his journey from a freelancer to an entrepreneur


From starting off as a freelancer, this millennial geek from Mumbai has come a long way to set up his own diverse ventures in the tech, events, and education sector. Amit Iyer, who runs a news blog called bittmint.com and owns an event company Garam Masala Entertainment is now all set to launch a startup in the education field called iGenuis Edu. Today in Startup Talk, Amit shares a glimpse from his journey as a freelancer to a young budding entrepreneur. Have a look.

Who is Amit Iyer? Introduce yourself.

A college dropout by education, a freelance SEO expert and tech entrepreneur by profession. A millennial geek by nature.

Tell us about your company, Bittmint Inc and iGenius Edu.

I started bittmint.com as a news blog in 2017 when I had just completed my 10th standard and had taken admission in the commerce stream. After researching and trying out new things I realized SEO is my thing. I started working all day in my first year of junior college. Despite having a lot of study pressure I never thought of giving up on my passion for my work and continued grinding. I was very adamant about starting something of my own. I began working as a freelancer and today through my hard-earned money I decided to invest in my startups Garam Masala Entertainment and iGenuis Edu. Currently, I am operating all my businesses from a co-working space based in Mumbai, and I am looking forward to the launch of my latest startup iGenuis Edu at the start of the year 2020. I want to expose the education sector to a whole new set of digital products and softwares, which I don’t want to reveal now.

You recently started a startup leaving behind your freelancing work. What is the reason behind it?

My initial idea was the bootstrap my startups through my freelancing funds, as I strongly believe in avoiding capital funds and investments at the very start.

Now my prior focus is my start-up while simultaneously finishing off my ongoing freelance projects.

Why would you choose a Startup over a job?

A startup is more like being your own boss which I love, and far more than a 9-5 job. I also have the freedom to experiment and try out new stuff.

How did you start your Startup?

I started working on SEO projects for my client in the edu sector and meanwhile maintaining my own personal news blog Bittmint, where I was well known for my work and skills. Later I moved on to increasing my client base in various tech fields like building customized news sites and being an SEO consultant. I managed to acquire a large number of potential clients for my new venture iGenius and I am all set to kickstart it in Jan 2020.

How much time and money did it cost to initiate this venture?

The bigger share of the investment comes from my personal freelancing income. The setup and product cost being funded by me and an office space rented by my parents totaling up to 20k/pm.

How big your team is?

I will begin with a team of 7 people and my parents as mentors. Four of us would work in-house while the rest 3 would be a part of the field operations.

How iGenuis is different from other edu firms?

Most of the edu firms in the market provide the same products to a particular target audience, whereas iGenuis Edu will product a diverse range of new edu products to direct customers as well as other businesses and government-owned bodies.

What keeps you motivated?

My dream and ambitions always keep me motivated and drive me to achieve my goals.

Where do you see iGenuis Edu five years down the line?

I intend on developing and providing edu products that would help users choose the right career path and education stream. I will strive to become an absolute unique player in the education sector globally.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Start with baby steps and grow big. If we are self-motivated and dedicated to our goals and ambitions, by giving in our 100% we can achieve all that we want. Don’t be focused on what others are doing, rather spend that time working on yourself. I would like to quote a small line, “Dream, Believe, Hustle, Achieve.”

Indo-Japan Business Council to kickstart this November in India

The city of Pune is surrounded by efficient infrastructure and logistics. The state of Maharashtra has become one of the favorite places of Japanese companies to start their operations. There is a total of 1309 companies from Japan which are operating in India and out of all a total of 750 companies are set up in Maharashtra. The number of Japanese countries in India is increasing on a day to day basis. A lot of Japanese companies are looking for states to invest in India.

The President of the Indo Japan Business Council said at an event that was organized in Konnichiwa Pune that The number of companies from Japan which are operating in India is increasing drastically and the city which has the most potential for the companies to set up their investment in Pune. There are other cities in consideration like Nagpur, Nasik, and Aurangabad. The Make in Maharashtra initiative has helped a lot of companies from Japan to start their business in Maharashtra, which helped in the growth of the economy of the state.

The growth, which was seen in an overall manner was more or less consistent at 8 to 10 percent growth. The only exception was in the year of 2016-2017, but the results were more or less the same and Japan was able to become one of the top business partners with the state of Maharashtra. Ryoji Noda, the Japanese Council General of Consulate General of Japan, said in an interview in Mumbai that Maharashtra is playing a very important role in the growth of all the Japanese companies which have set up their business in Maharashtra.

The High-speed train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is one of the iconic projects between India and Japan. This project will introduce a technology in the market called the Shinkansen technology. This project will be funded by Japan and they have been very clear about investing their money in this project. This high-speed train will be able to connect two big cities which will be a big step towards the development of both the cities.

According to the Wakayama Prefecture Government Mr. Tatsunori Onishi, the state of Maharashtra will be able to see a lot of development because of all the Japanese companies that are set up in the state. Maharashtra is already the economic capital and in addition to all, these companies will be able to make them stronger. The Indo Japan Business Council will be organizing their business festival in Pune which will be on 17th of November and 18th of November.

InCred founder raises Rs 300 crores with his own equity to establish a new business

The founder of InCred, Mr. Bhupinder Singh along with some of his private equity backers such as Siddharth Parekh, who is the founder of Paragon Partners has successfully able to gather an investment of 300 crores. This will help the company InCred to diversify their business by investing in a new company. All types of consumers, which include medium and small-sized enterprises to focus lenders in InCred Finance. All the partners were successfully able to gather the money and incubate a new business to grow their existing business.

The company InCred was started in the year 2016 by the senior executive of Deutsche Bank Mr. Bhupinder Singh. InCred was backed by the co-chief executing officer of Deutsche Bank Anshu Jain and Rajan R Pai. Gaurav Dalmia, the chairman of Landmark Holdings, was also one of the people who supported InCred for funding. The main focus of InCred when it started operating was the affordable housing, consumer finance, and education.

Bhupinder Singh and other partners like Paragon Partners which was founded by Siddharth collected the 300 crores to let InCred invest in SME lending technology. Singh has invested about 40 crores. Paragon Partners invested about 50 crores and there were other companies which invested their money in this expansion.

According to Mint, InCred was trying to fund as the company was trying to get into the wholesale lending business which works on a very big scale. Mr. Singh is right now not ready to respond to the situation and Parekh also declined to answer any question regarding this transaction. Parekh invested his money when InCred was starting in 2016 and this is the second time that he is investing his money in the same company.

A report which was delivered by E&Y, the financial services sector of India was able to witness a growth of about $4 billion in just the first half of the year 2018. The highest investment in half a year was by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, who invested their money on Paytm.

There was a total of 74 deals in the first half of the year in which there was an investment of about 4.1 billion dollars. There was a surge in the overall private equity and venture capital by about 49 percent in the first half of the year 2018.

Paragon Partners, except for InCred, has also made an investment in other companies, including Maini Precision Products LTD, Capacity Infraprojects LTD, and Cravatex Brands. The company even made an announcement that it was able to make a secured commitment of $120 million for the very PE fund. The PE is the fund Partners Growth Fund I. The PE firm was coined and founded by Sumeet Mindrajog and Parekh raised an amount $50 million on the first close in the year 2016.