Home Entertainment New in Los Angeles: will Prince Harry feel lost?

New in Los Angeles: will Prince Harry feel lost?

New in Los Angeles: will Prince Harry feel lost?

Prince Harry (35) is facing tough times. A few weeks ago the grandson of the Queen (94) finally turned his back on his native England. He moved with his wife, Duchess Meghan (38) and their son Archie Harrison (1) to America – the home of the former actress. While his partner has friends and family in the United States, the red-haired Royal is on his own for now. Can Harry find a connection in L.A.?

The author and nobility expert Tom Quinn spoke in the documentary “Harry & Meghan: Two Troubled Years” about the move of the two and is certain: The 35-year-old will get lost in the city. “I think Harry will be like a lost soul in the US”he said in the documentation. For Prince William’s brother (37) it would be much more difficult in the land of unlimited possibilities than for Meghan in Great Britain. “Because he’s not as tough as she is.”

Will his new neighbors possibly make it easier for him? After all, the new ducal couple of Sussex stands in the Beverly Ridge Estates luxury residential complex in Beverly Hills and is only a stone’s throw away from real Hollywood stars. In addition to Jennifer Lawrence (29), Adele (32), Katy Perry (35) and Orlando Bloom (43), the two soon also live near Meghan’s good friend Serena Williams (38).

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry in March 2020
Prince Harry in February 2020
Prince Harry in London 2020

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