Home Entertainment MoTrip very emotional: His girlfriend had an abortion

MoTrip very emotional: His girlfriend had an abortion

MoTrip very emotional: His girlfriend had an abortion

Emotional TV moment! In the current episode of the popular VOX show Sing my song the tears flowed properly. Tuesday evening was all about MoTrip – because Max Giesinger (31), Ilse DeLange (43), Lea (27), Jan Plewka (49), Michael Patrick Kelly (42) and Nico Santos (27) gave their interpretations of Rap songs for the best. A touching song was chosen by Paddy, which deals with the abortion of a child by Mo and his girlfriend Larissa!

“Back then you were an embryo. I don’t wear these scars for nothing. You wanted to live, but you weren’t given the chance.”, Mo raps in his song “Embryo” about the difficult topic and processes the sad story of abortion. When Larissa got pregnant unintentionally, he was still a student. At that time, the couple were just able to pay the rent. For this reason, they were certain that they could not offer their child anything. In “Sing my song” he confessed that this experience not only influenced his life, but also determined his whole being. The intervention would have made him the person he is today.

“Today we are proud parents of two children and have our happy ending”, he reported on his current life situation. However, he still often thinks about abortion: “That doesn’t change the fact that you always think that – in my eyes – you made a mistake.”

MoTrip, rapper
MoTrip and girlfriend Larissa
MoTrip, rapper

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