Home Business Monsanto Roundup herbicide held accountable for containing Carcinogenic substance

Monsanto Roundup herbicide held accountable for containing Carcinogenic substance

Monsanto Roundup herbicide held accountable for containing Carcinogenic substance

On Wednesday, a man in California has been awarded 80 million dollars by the Federal jury for reporting that the Roundup herbicide from Monsanto contained a carcinogenic substance that could the greatest factor promoting non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This was a great blow not only to the herbicide manufacturing company but also to the parent unit that is Bayer AG, a German renowned chemical Company.

On March 20th the first phase of the trial for Roundup herbicides took place and it was concluded that Edwin Hardeman suffered from cancer due to mainly being exposed to this herbicide. In this week, the second phase of the trial was conducted and the jury holds Monsanto’s Roundup guilty of having a faulty design, and even after the mistakes were found the company took no measures to warn their clients about the potential health risks. According to the court’s proceedings, Hardeman used this Roundup herbicide in his property for about 20 years before he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The jury award to be given to Edwin Hardeman is 80 million dollars of which $75 million dollars is disciplinary money.

In the year 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) which is a part of the World Health Organization (WHO) help Roundup of Monsanto responsible for containing carcinogenic substances in its herbicides, but as the pieces of evidence were mixed up Roundup rescued from being declared responsible for posing risk to human health. Also, Monsanto in a review article had an independent review published declaring that according to the Environment Protection Agency all the herbicides containing glyphosate will cause no harm to human health if used accordingly to the directions mentioned on the product’s label.

The parent company of Monsanto Roundup herbicide stated that it still believes that their product contained no carcinogenic substance and this trial is not going to have any impact on the future cases, as each has its own accurate and lawful circumstances. The company is going to appeal against the verdict.

Aimee Wagstaff is one of the lawyers who represented Hardeman in this trial against Roundup, who expressed that he has contended enough as Monsanto was being held accountable for its actions after three years of the prolonged lawsuit. He also added that Monsanto instead of taking responsibility for agitating the herbicides with carcinogenic substances and causing alarming health issues to its customers; is busy manipulating the opinion of the public and damaging anyone who is raising against the cause.


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