Home Entertainment Mischa is “very afraid” of the “Love Island” repeat

Mischa is “very afraid” of the “Love Island” repeat

Mischa is “very afraid” of the “Love Island” repeat

Does Mischa Mayer regret his participation in Love Island? It has been known for a few weeks: From June 8, the season of the previous year will be broadcast again on TV. Fans and candidates like Asena Neuhoff, Sidney Wolf and Dijana Cvijetic are really happy about it. But Misha isn’t it so euphoric: On social media, he now tells his fans why he looks forward to the repetition with mixed feelings.

During a question and answer session in his Instagram-Story explained the Cologne now that he has seen only a few episodes of his season. But apparently there is nothing good for him. “My fear is that repetition will give people a bad picture of me”, he emphasized. He would no longer identify himself with the format. That’s why he asks his followers to remember him as they currently know him.

Is the 28-year-old perhaps ashamed of his behavior on the love island? The muscle man delivered an endless on-off drama with his show flirt Ricarda Raatz. One of the highlights of her love story – or not – was having sex broke during the night together in the “Private Suite”. He is still uncomfortable to this day, because he wrote: “I will definitely paralyze RTL2 on one scene.”

Mischa Mayer at

RTL II / Magdalena Possert

Mischa Mayer at “Love Island” 2019
Mischa Mayer, known from “Love Island” 2019
Mischa and Ricarda, “Love Island” candidates

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