Home Entertainment “Hundepapa”: What’s going on between Yeliz Koc and Filip Pavlovic

“Hundepapa”: What’s going on between Yeliz Koc and Filip Pavlovic

“Hundepapa”: What’s going on between Yeliz Koc and Filip Pavlovic

Is he the new man by the side of Yeliz Koc (26)? After the separation from her on-off friend Johannes Haller (32), the reality TV beauty was back on a dating course: A few days ago, she revealed that she was currently getting to know someone new. However, she does not yet know whether this will really develop into a relationship. Whoever is the mysterious man in her life, she keeps to herself. But now there is a hint: Could it be ex-bachelorette boy Filip Pavlovic (25)?

Yeliz has recently become the proud dog mom of little Luna. She even has her own for the four-legged friend Instagram-Account set up on which she diligently shares snapshots and videos of her animal growth. However, the latest post arouses the curiosity of the fans: Filip cuddles with the puppy in a clip and presses a kiss on his muzzle. The influencer writes: “Good night” and adds the hashtag “dog dad”. She also posts the recording in her story and comments it with the word “love”.

The reality TV stars are making the rumor mill bubbly. Many followers are even firmly convinced that the two are joining. “Ah, now we all know who you are dating”, one user rejoices, while another is just asking: “Your new friend?” So far, Yeliz has not given the answer.

Filip Pavlovic and Luna
Yeliz Koc with her dog Luna
Filip Pavlovic, reality star

Instagram / filip_pavlovic1

Filip Pavlovic, reality star

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