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HTC to make a comeback in the smartphone industry with new range of products in 2018

HTC to make a comeback in the smartphone industry with new range of products in 2018
The logo for Taiwan's leading smartphone maker HTC (L) is pictured above a busy street in Taipei on July 20, 2012. Taiwan's leading smartphone maker HTC said on July 19 it was suing technology giant Apple in the United States, claiming it has infringed on its patents. AFP PHOTO / Sam YEH (Photo credit should read SAM YEH/AFP/GettyImages)

HTC has come out and said that they are not going away from the smartphone industry. They will soon be coming up with a few of their new phones at the end of the year 2018. The most awaited phone from HTC the HTC U12 Life 6 GB variant will be coming in the month of December.

There were reports that HTC was shutting down their smartphone business, but they were not true. HTC is right now very much excited to launch their Life 6 GB variant this December. HTC will be launching a few of the latest smartphones and this will be a perfect time for them to make a comeback.

HTC is not looking for instant success in the smartphone industry. All they want right now is to stay alive in the smartphone industry. HTC is working for VR platform and their new mobile phones will have a high compatibility with VR platforms. HTC is known for being an expert in all the integrated technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence.

HTC will be launching its 6 GB variant smartphone, which will be known as the U12 Life. There will be multiple models available in the market and it will start selling from the end of 2018. HTC has not been able to taste success in the smartphone industry for some reasons,  but the company is known for making a large number of mobile phones which are highly compatible and loved by people.

In 2017, HTC was able to sell their smartphone division to Google for about 1.1 billion dollars, which roughly comes to about 7000 crores. HTC has been working really hard to release its latest smartphone and this time they are sure that they will be able to penetrate the market and increase their sales numbers which are very low right now.

HTC has not released a phone for a long time and it was time for them to make a comeback with a phone like HTC U12 Life which will help to change the game for them. This business of smartphone is not a breadwinner for HTC but they are not giving this up yet and selling to any other company in the market.


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