Home Entertainment His last wish: Werner Böhm († 78) is buried here

His last wish: Werner Böhm († 78) is buried here


Great mourning for one of the most popular mood cannons in Germany: cult singer Werner Böhm (78) has died. The musician, who made a name for himself mainly through his art figure Gottlieb Wendehals and the hit song “Polonäse Blankenese”, was found lifeless in his apartment in Gran Canaria by his good friend Helga. The cause of death is still unknown, but it is already clear where it should be buried: In his Spanish adopted home.

In a telephone interview with RTL Bernd Rehbein, a good friend of the mood singer, says that Werner should be cremated within the next two days. Because the last will of the native of Poland was to be adopted with a burial on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria. “We want to fulfill this wish”says Bernd, who has a 40-year friendship with the deceased.

He also reports that all relatives of Werner “very, very depressed” because of the sudden death. The singer leaves a big gap: “We lost a very, very great person”Bernd explains.

Werner and Susanne Böhm at the AIDS gala in Berlin in September 2004
Musician Werner Böhm, 2019

Helmke, Torsten / ActionPress

Musician Werner Böhm, 2019
Werner Böhm, musician

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