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Funny funny bollywood movie titles

Funny funny bollywood movie titles

Bollywood is a very creative industry. Filmmakers do a lot of work to make everything perfect whether it is scripts, characters, dialogues and many other things. They are very unique and creative with the ideas of presenting the title to get the user’s attention and sometimes the audience trolls them for this reason.

We list 14 Bollywood films that have top titles at the top. These films are all-time exclusive Bollywood films and the titles make these films intriguing to you.

# 1. Am crazy not crazy

If you are a die-hard fan of Sallu Bhai then you will definitely understand the title of this film. Dil Mera Aana Hai, Meri Naa, is a love story from the hero’s perspective, similar to ‘Deewana Hoon Pagal Na’.

# 2. Dilruba Tangeliwali

Can you believe that there is a film called Dilruba Tangeliwali? It should be a different cast of Basanti and Dhanno arc in Sholay. The movie is available on YouTube.

# 3. Group of wolves

In 1991, a film titled Bhadeon Ka Samoh (Wolf’s Pack) came out. It is certainly not related to twilight and certainly not the Indian version of twilight. It is about a hero who gets trapped in a vicious criminal connection.

# 4. Diwali at home is full of sister-in-law

In 2001, a film with such an intriguing title came out. The film is about a woman marrying a corporate man, but she realizes that her own sister is being seduced by her husband. The film may be a good Bollywood drama but the title is genuinely hilarious.

# 5. Waterless fish dance without electricity

Remo D’Souza before revolutionizing dance films. There was one in Bollywood starring Helen. And the film was so focused on dance that it was named Jal Bin Makhali Nritya Bin Bijli.

# 6. Iron heart

It is one of the Bollywood action films with such intriguing title. The film stars Rajendra Kumar in the lead role. I thought it would be the basis for the Indian version of Iron Man.

# 7. Allah toh gah to gada wrestler

One of the comedy films starring Kader Khan is titled Allah Meherban Toh Ghad Pahalwan. The film is about the election that is fought between 3 parties, and I am not going to be spoiled to avoid spoiling. Hahaha.

# 8. Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana

In recent years there has been a Punjabi themed film titled Love Shuv Te Chikan Khurana. The title is very hilarious as it focuses on opening a restaurant and of course the love story.

# 9. Devotional youth

You must have heard about the name of the film Bhakti Shakti. Sounds awful But have you heard of a film called Bhakti Shakti Jawani? The film does not disappoint you if you are looking for a funny and baseless comedy that sneezes like a title.

# 10. Dead of life

Can anyone understand the title and what will be the basis of the film? If you are watching a film called Murda Ki Jaan Khatre, then be ready for adventure. Well, the story centers on a dead body which his girlfriend pretends is alive.

# 1 1. Salim lang pe maat ro

A Bollywood drama film which is the story of a young mind who wants to get rich. The film shows community riots and many other things but the most interesting thing is the title of the film.

# 12. Vermilion

The story focuses on the man who took money from various moneylenders and that the man married a rich girl due to failure to repay. It can be a typical Bollywood film. However, the title of the film is quite attractive.

# 13. Dark night in your hand

In the 80s, Dada Kondke’s films were very famous for making films full of dual-meaning dialogues. The title of one of those films is Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein and we all know what it is alluding to.

# 14. King queen wants

There is a film in the 70s Bollywood that is really ahead of its time. I dare you to guess the plot of the film by reading the title of the film. If anyone asks, I will reply in the comment box. The story doesn’t matter but the title is definitely hilarious.


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