Home Entertainment “Fat”: Jade Übach some pants no longer fit

“Fat”: Jade Übach some pants no longer fit

“Fat”: Jade Übach some pants no longer fit

Jade Übach (26) is not at all satisfied with her weight! The former Big Brother candidate repeatedly presents her slim body both in reality TV formats and on social media. Not least at Bachelor in Paradise, she always threw herself into tight outfits and wrapped the men’s world around her finger. While she always felt good in her skin, she would like to change something at the moment: She wants to lose a few pounds!

“I have to say that I have to get motivation from somewhere next week, because I just can’t fit any nice summer pants anymore. I just got fat, “the blonde recently admits in her Instagram-Story. From next week she wants to be active again and play sports. The reason for the weight gain is simply that she is currently eating too much. Even though many followers would now contradict her and say that she looks super slim, she emphasizes: “No, seriously. I have really gained so much weight that I will definitely tear my ass open next week.”

jade always talks openly about beauty topics. She also unpacked about her cosmetic surgery. You even gave in picture-Interview that she would have overdone it at some point: “It was no longer really checked that it no longer looked good. It was like a frenzy. “

Jade Übach, known from “The Bachelor”
Jade Übach, former “The Bachelor” candidate
Jade Übach in February 2020 in Cologne

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