Home Entertainment “Exaggerated”: This is what Sandy Fähse thinks of Pochers Diss-Clips

“Exaggerated”: This is what Sandy Fähse thinks of Pochers Diss-Clips

“Exaggerated”: This is what Sandy Fähse thinks of Pochers Diss-Clips

Will Oliver Pocher (42) be happy about it? In the past few months, the comedian has made it his business to really put the German network stars in a shortage. Numerous Bachelorette alumni or social media entrepreneurs got their fat off the blond boy in his diss videos. Ex-Berlin – day & night star Sandy Fähse (35) runs an influencer agency herself – and now explains what he thinks of Olis Web baiting!

In the podcast Stingy and broke the actor spoke to Yannik Schrader and Niklas Stepinski about the comedian’s polarizing videos. He was not enthusiastic about it: “It spans the arc in some things. Sometimes it is better to take a deep breath and say: ‘Ok, that was too much, I’m sorry. But you show that when you’re a man!'” In addition, Oli’s criticism of the social media marketing of many web celebrities is simply not justified: “The influencers he spoke to produce every day that costs. Energy, love, everything!”

With his clips, however, Oli also demonstrated how effective infinitcer marketing really is – after all, he had reached millions of people himself: “I think that a lot of people also checked that this creates a range. How Pocher can grow so quickly. That’s just right, so thank you very much, Mr. Pocher for the push!” In fact, Oli has had a real rush of followers since his first diss clip: At the end of February, a million people had followed him on Instagram – now there are almost twice as many.

Oliver Pocher
Sandy Ferry, Ex

RTL2 / Berlin – day & night

Sandy Fähse, ex- “Berlin – Tag & Nacht” actor
Sandy Fähse, ex- “Berlin – Tag & Nacht” actor

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