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Crazy Media. Strange moments from the celebs interview.

Crazy Media. Strange moments from the celebs interview.

The questions asked about life and work are part of life for Bollywood celebs. However, there are many moments in such interviews when the interviewer emerges as rude, plain intrusive or just apathetic. Such interactions in front of the camera create awkward moments.

Check out some of the most awkward moments of Bollywood celebs during the interview, which will make you think more about confronting journalists with such absurd questions and attitude.

1. Ananya Pandey on Nepotism


During the newcomer’s roundtable session with Rajeev Masand, Ananya Pandey shared what she thinks of people about sibling nepotism. Ananya Pandey said that Star Kids also have to struggle to get into the industry.


While some people agreed that you cannot be a Bollywood actor without acting skills. While others summon him, saying that the struggle of the common people ends with getting a film, while the struggle of the Star Kids begins.

Even Siddhant Chaturvedi said this in the round table which went viral on the internet through social media.

2. Navika Kumar Saif asking if Timur waves flying kisses to the audience

During the lockdown, the news channels do not have much to capture the lockdown moments of Bollywood celebs. Times Now channel contacted Saif Ali Khan to stop the session and talk about the lockdown.

However, the whole scenario was awkward when Navika Kumar asked Saif Ali Khan to call Timur in front of the camera so that he could say hello or wave a flying kiss to the audience.

In response, Saif Ali Khan said, “Taimur is potty”, saying that he cannot come in front of the camera.

3. Sonakshi Sinha faced a strange situation when she was asked about a young woman doing films with older male actors.


During the promotion events of Dabangg 3, Sonakshi Sinha did an interview session with The Quint, asking her why Bollywood often casts older male actors with younger female actors, but we never got to see older women with older female actors The pair of female actresses were not seen. The question made Sonakshi a bit upset and awkward.

He said, I never thought about it but the actors follow some healthy routines and good diet which makes them look younger with new actresses. Well, it wasn’t the interviewer’s fault, but he showed sense.

4. Kangana Ranaut’s interview with Karan Johar

Kangana Ranaut is very clear in most of her interviews. The actress often fights journalists as well. For example, he made Shahid Kapoor awkward during the promotion of Rangoon in The Kapil Sharma Show. He gave sharp replies in the AAP court hosting Rajat Sharma.

However, his interview session with Karan Johar on the talk show Kar Koffee with Karan is the most awkward conversation. He described him as the flag bearer of nepotism. ‘And recalled Kangana making fun of English in previous seasons.

5. Sunny Leone’s discomfort with funny questions


The anchor of News18 asked Sunny Leone a very strange question which made her nervous. In an interview session, she was asked about her feelings about women who are threatened by Sunny for snatching her husband.


Questions originated from anywhere, but Sunny maintained great dignity throughout the interview and answered the questions honestly. However, she could not hide the discomfort on her face.

6. Chelsea Handler Interview Session with Shilpa Shetty

Chelsea Handler is famous for being funny and sarcastic at the same time. This is why her interview with Shilpa Shetty was so awkward.

Chelsea was very keen on handler Shilpa and the interview was difficult to watch.

7. Boring interview of Golmaal Again with reporter Bharti Dubey

The entire interview with the male actors of Golmaal Again was very awkward with biscuit reporter Bharti Dubey. It can be seen that the actors were not interested and the journalist is also not interested to do the interview.

There were many moments in the interview when Bharti asked Shreyas to take him to the interview instead of doing it himself. Throughout the interview, Bharti Dubey was an impostor. While the entire cast was also mocking the interview.

8. Hrithik’s confrontation with Arnab Goswami

After Hrithik Kangna’s illegitimate relationship came to the media, Hrithik went to Arnab Goswami to give a confrontation and cleaned up his version of the story.

The interview sounds like rehearsal and scripted where Hrithik Roshan said that Kangana used to stare at him.


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