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Cast, Watch Online, Download HD
Ashley Garcia Series (2020) Netflix Cast Expanding Universe Watch, Watch Online, Download HD

Ashley Garcia’s Expanding Universe is an English comedy series. It stars Connor Husting, Paulina Chavez, Reid Horstmann, etc. The series has been streaming online on NETFLIX since 17 February 2020.

Ashley Garcia series story expanding universe

The plot revolves around the discovery and joy of Ashley Garcia and her life. She learns about the modern teenage lifestyle after moving to a new country. With her career in robotics, she is learning a lot of things that are shocking and still worth experimenting with.

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Ashley Garcia Series Expansion Universe

  • Bella podaras
  • Paulina Chavez
  • Famous grace
  • Reid Horstmann
  • Abigail Kate Thomas
  • Marykermain Lopez
  • Catherine Landry
  • Nathalia koppa
  • Angela Fournroe
  • Christian Delgado
  • Emma Angle

Ashley Garcia Series Release Date Expansion Universe:

17 February 2020 (Netflix)

Ashley Garcia Series Trailer Expands Universe


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