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Cast, Watch Online, Download HD
Watch Queen and the Winner Series (2020) NETFLIX Cast, Watch Online, Download HD

Queen and Conqueror is a Spanish drama series. It stars Quick Sanmartin, Alejandro Munoz, Mercedes Salazar etc. in the lead roles. The series has been streaming online on NETFLIX since 16 May 2020.

Story of the queen and the winner series:

This plot revolves around Catalina, which was torn down by Pedro de Heredia’s betrayal. Years after the incident, she is back to take her revenge for Pedro and complete her return time. Will the haters succeed or will they love it this time?

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Queen and winner series cast

  • Essay aponte
  • Ilenia Antonin
  • Mercedes salzer
  • Christina Warner
  • Juliet Arrieta
  • Alejandro Munoz
  • Camilo Jimenez Varon

Queen and Winner Series Release Date:

16 May 2020 (Netflix)

Queen and winner series trailer


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