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Bye, Barbie-Blond: Bachelor girl Janine is now brunette!


Beauty change by Janine Christin Wallat (25)! Hamburg’s beauty is known from dating formats such as The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and Take Me Out. The trained hairdresser had a different hairstyle on every show. Last rocked Janine an extremely blond mane – but that’s over now. in the Promiflash-Interview now reveals the former “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate why she didn’t want to be blonde anymore.

“No more Barbie-Blond. I just didn’t feel like this constant dyeing”, explained Janine their decision to change color Promiflash. In addition, her previous hair color always caused problems because she felt that some people as a “blonde” did not take her seriously on principle: “Everyone who knows me knows that I have something in my head.” She has felt incredibly good since the change and finds that her hair now looks much healthier and more natural.

One that Janine “Bachelor in Paradise” colleague Isabell Bernsee (30) was also able to convince herself with her blonde mane. The two recently announced that despite initial differences, they have now become friends.

Janine Christin Wallat, “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate 2019
Janine Christin Wallat at the hairdresser, 2020
Janine Christin Wallat, TV actress

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