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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Mohanlal releases proof with a short video to prove Suresh is lying

bigg boss malayalam 2 19th january 2020

A thrilling weekend episode ahead of the first elimination episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season Two. One of the main curiosities of today’s episode by presenter Mohanlal is the realisation of a dispute between Suresh and Rejith last week. Earlier this week, Suresh and Regith had a dispute over the amount of fresh cylinder in refrigerated gas.

Big Boss House has restricted use of cooking gas. The contestants will get five kilos of consumption per week. Earlier this week, Suresh and Rejith had a dispute on the day the cylinder was refilled. Rejith said that the cylinder arrived early in the morning when he was sitting in the hall. But Suresh, who was sitting next to him, said that it was a lie and he had 4.98 kg. Suresh said that he and Rajini Chandy were the first to join the cast. But Rejith, convinced of that, put the fact-finding in front of Bigg Boss as a challenge. Rejith immediately challenged Bigg Boss to come in front of the camera and release their evidence.

As today’s episode progresses, Mohanlal was reminded of this incident. Mohanlal had asked him why some people think that Rejith is lying. When asked who said so, Rejith replied that it was Suresh. When Suresh was asked about this, he replied that he had registered at least 150 lies in the last 15 days. Mohanlal then released the visual of the day of the dispute between them. Mohanlal said that it arrived at the registered hall at 3.30 am. Rijith Kumar looks at the cylinder and ‘5kg’ is shown on the cylinder’s digital meter.

The spectators in front of Mohanlal greeted the scene with applause. Other contestants including Suresh were taken aback. Asked what the response was, Rejith Kumar said he always believed the truth would prevail.



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