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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 13th February 2020 – Is Sujo out of Bigg Boss? Injured during captaincy task

bigg boss malayalam 2 sujo eviction

After the weekly task at the Bigg Boss house, a different captaincy task was assigned to the contestants. This week, captain Rizit Kumar has been without captain since his departure. Bigg Boss has announced that everyone will participate in the captaincy task that follows.

The task was to glue each other to the coin jacket. Big Boss stated that at the end of the task, those who do not have a cone in their body succeed. In the promo video that follows, footage of Sujo getting injured.

In the promo you can see the coin being pasted on each other’s bodies and everyone running. In the meantime someone hears a crashing noise. We also see Alejandra, who is shocked by the fact that she is called Sujo. They all say something is wrong. Subsequently, Big Boss summons Sujo to the convention room. Sujo is sitting with his head held. Accidentally, Big Boss, who has a long history of dangers and illnesses, is eagerly waiting for Sujo to leave the house.



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