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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 10th March 2020 – A surprise in nomination between Pashanam Shaji and Arya

Shaji arya bigg boss nomination week 10

The nomination episodes that come out on Mondays after the elimination are very appealing to Bigg Boss audiences. It is in these episodes that the contestants themselves decide who will be on the elimination list next week. Bigg Boss is usually asked to nominate two people in the confession room for obvious reasons. But the opposite was true of today’s episode.

Bigg Boss suggested that the two (mostly close friends in the House) be summoned to the confession room, discuss with each other and name someone on the nomination list. Boss summoned Shaji and Arya to the conference room for the first time. This week’s nomination process was followed.

Shaji had told Arya that he would go for the nomination, but his name was not mentioned. “You have a desire to stay 100 days. I know. So you nominated me. Don’t I always say my thing? I dare to see my wife. I want to go home. It is a pleasure to be here. But if you go home, happy, ”Shaji said.

But Arya refused to admit this at first. “I know that Shaji Chetan is very much interested in going home. But for me, there is nothing I can do. Shaji is the title winner of the Bigg Boss in my opinion. So how do I nominate him, myself? ‘, Arya asked. But Shaji was firm in his decision. ‘I know you want the most to complete 100 days. So tell me my name ‘, Shaji continued. Arya then told Bigg Boss that it was a tough decision to name Shaji. But Shaji consoled Arya that even in the nomination, the audience would decide. Shaji then nominated Arya for the nomination. Arya added that he was the title winner in his mind and the audience expected him to vote. The Bigg Boss received the nomination after being asked once again whether it was the final decision.



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