Home Entertainment Because of an unwanted guest: Queen hid in the bushes

Because of an unwanted guest: Queen hid in the bushes

Because of an unwanted guest: Queen hid in the bushes

The Queen (94) also needs some rest! As Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II has a lot to do. Even if she has to avoid social contacts due to the current situation – as a rule, the British head of state is not only constantly on the go, he also has to receive one or the other guest. But to avoid an unpleasant visitor, the British regent has resorted to unexpected means in the past: Her Majesty was hiding in the bushes!

In the documentary Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals Journalist Robert Hardman says that when she was walking in the royal gardens in 1978, the 94-year-old absolutely wanted to avoid meeting Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu: “She saw Ceauşescu coming from the other direction and thought: ‘I really can’t stand talking to him.’ Then she hid in the bush for the first and only time in her life. “ Politician David Owen also remembers the incident in the TV project.

And not only the Queen shows in such situations that she too is ultimately faced with normal problems. Her grandson Prince William (37) also admitted a few days ago that he has to deal with everyday things. Among other things, he admitted that his kids sometimes misbehave at the dining table. “It depends what comes on the table”the Duke of Cambridge chuckled in conversation Hello.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II in March 2020
Prince George, Prince William, Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte, September 2016

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