Home Business Amazon Echo or Google Home: Which Gadget will take the 2019 market?

Amazon Echo or Google Home: Which Gadget will take the 2019 market?

Amazon Echo or Google Home: Which Gadget will take the 2019 market?

With all the futuristic artificially intelligent devices that are ruling the world of technology like switching on the lights, regulating the volume of the speakers, or regulating the other home appliances with just a touch on your smartphone, the year 2019 has a lot more to offer. Amazon released Amazon Echo in the year 2014 and Alphabet released Google Home in 2016 to install your home with a voice assistant. Apple didn’t stay back in the competition of making voice recognizing assistants to regulate the variety of home appliances.

When these live-in assistants have introduced in the market ten years ago, they were only affordable by 1 percent, the wealthiest of all people. But today’s scenario is completely altered having a voice assistant with intelligent technology is available at a price as cheap as just 100 dollars.

Although the two voice assistant producing companies –Amazon and Alphabet are having a neck-to-neck competition. While in 2018 Amazon shipped around 6.3 million Echo devices, Google Home could make up to 5.9 million. The smart speaker market share owned by Amazon is 61.9% while Google holds its stance over 29.6%.

Although Google Home is incorporated with more functions every time, Alexa beats it up in the competition with 70,000 skills to perform.

Both the devices are equally equipped with amazing features, but in the year 2019 with so advancement in the world of technology people are looking out to spend their money in something that also fits perfectly to their highly designed home background. This is where Alexa has an upper hand over Google Home.

Alexa, as well as Google, are keeping up in the trending market, it is your choice according to your needs is what matters the most. Amazon has seemed to stride ahead in the form of popularity, Alphabet is leaving no stone unturned. For the consumers with a wide range of smart devices, Amazon Echo should be your choice as it now offers with third-party device compatibility.

But with Google Home equipped in your house, you are never going to feel home alone, the smart technology it is built in with has a better understanding of your questions and always keeps the conversation going.

Without giving a biased opinion both the devices serve you equally. Now it totally depends on which one to go for as Amazon Echo as well as Google Home both are available at the same price range.


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