Home Entertainment After separation: “Temptation Island” -Hanna is back with mom

After separation: “Temptation Island” -Hanna is back with mom

After separation: “Temptation Island” -Hanna is back with mom

How is Temptation Island candidate Hanna Annika actually doing after the show ends? For the blonde, the last time was a roller coaster ride of emotions. She and her ex-fiancĂ© Till Adam had tested their loyalty on the island of seduction. After initial difficulties, they finally got engaged at the show’s last campfire – but announced their separation only a short time later. Hanna now speaks openly about her current situation at home.

In your Instagram-Story she posted a picture of her salad plate. “There are many advantages to living with mom again”she titled the recording. After the separation, she moved back to her mother and can be spoiled at home. Presented one of these advantages Hanna Her almost 35,000 followers: “When I’m sick, there is even food in bed,” she said.

The reason for the split after the show ended was the lack of trust in the ex-Love Island candidate. “A lot of things happened that I don’t like to say at all”, posed Hanna clear. The 21-year-old finally broke up because the disappointment was too great to forgive Till’s affair.

Till Adam and Hanna Annika, “Temptation Island” candidates 2020
Hanna Annika, known from “Temptation Island” 2020
Pia, Siria, Hanna and Michelle on “Temptation Island”

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