Home Entertainment 15. GNTM season is over: winner Jacky draws her conclusion

15. GNTM season is over: winner Jacky draws her conclusion

15. GNTM season is over: winner Jacky draws her conclusion

Jacky wouldn’t do anything else! The big moment had finally come about a week ago: Heidi Klum (46) chose this year’s winner of her casting show Germany’s next top model. The Austrian was able to prevail against her competitors and follow in the footsteps of models like Lena Gercke (32), Stefanie Giesinger (23) and Co. In conversation with Promiflash pulls Jacky now her conclusion to the 15th GNTM season, and that could not be better.

“A season full of adventures, great moments and above all pranks. I would go this way again and again and I am grateful that this trip is part of my life”, she faces Promiflash clear and remembers the exciting past months. Before going into full working life as a model, the beauty now wants to enjoy the time with her loved ones. “My family and friends are very proud of me. They support me by all means and are very happy that I have achieved my goal. And they are happy that I stayed ‘I’,” she says.

This is exactly what the 21-year-old wants to continue to do. Although she is looking forward to getting started in everyday model life and finding her niche, she also wishes she could continue to live out her private passions. “The love of animals and nature was and remains a part of me”, she explains and now try to find a way to combine work and hobbies.

Jacky after that

Instagram / jacky.gntm2020.official

Jacky after the “Germany’s next top model” final 2020
Jacky, known from

Instagram / jacky.gntm2020.official

Jacky, known from “Germany’s next top model”
Ex-GNTM candidate Jacky

Instagram / soul.companions

Ex-GNTM candidate Jacky

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