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100 days “Big Brother”: The missing finalists the most

100 days “Big Brother”: The missing finalists the most

What are the finalists most longing for at Big Brother? Philipp Kalisch, Pat Müller, Gina Beckmann and Cedric Beidinger are behind 100 days of TV jail. As the last participant, they gradually moved out of the glass house last Monday and can now look back on an exciting time under constant observation. But what have residents missed most about the house in the past three months? Promiflash checked Philipp, Pat, Gina and Cedric to.

While Gina especially missed sleep, the list was on Cedric a lot longer: The 26-year-old longed for sports, his hairdresser, social media and even for his television. Pat on the other hand, camera-free time would have been desirable: “I had moments when I just really didn’t feel good and thought I just didn’t want to be watched by cameras anymore. You can’t withdraw, people keep coming. “ An experience that too Gina had to do. “In the meantime, I can no longer imagine being alone. It gets really strange, I’m also a little afraid of it,” the blonde admitted.

However, the finalists agreed on one thing: what they lacked most were their families and friends. “What I missed most was the exchange with my family and friends, especially the whole input”, explained Philipp across from Promiflash. The other participants were all the happier when they were allowed to get in touch with their loved ones: “When I had the video chat with Sebastian, my homesickness was gone because I knew that he was fine,” recalled Pat yourself.

Gina and Cedric in

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Gina and Cedric in the “Big Brother” final
Philipp at

Big Brother, Sat.1

Philipp on “Big Brother”
Pat Müller at

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Pat Müller at “Big Brother”, May 2020

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